hello:D awh awh i feel like this is someone i know, u don’t gotta be anonymous! yay that’s awesome for you congrats:) i feel you on the limited income its hard sometimes. my advice is to eat raw as often as possible, start from the bottom and learn how to love fruits n veggies before you go for the convenience frozen food even if it is easier and tempting haha. invest wisely and definitely pursue the art of salad making, you can make pretty much anything into a bomb deli salad haha. also remember that alot of the pre made vegan cheeses, milk and meat substitutes are things you can totally make at home, and buying ingredients goes waaay longer than buying things premade, for me at least. ohh raw smoothies will save your life, if you dont have a blender invest in a magic bullet, they’re 50 bucks;) message me off anon dude, i can give ya some better examples haha.